Michal Fasanek | Photography

How it begun and how is it going so far?

In January 2014, after many months of planning idle chatter, I finally set off for a trip to the Dutch capital. I let go warm seat of my former job, I left my partner, family, and friends and abandoned the weekly routines that I got used to.

Instead, I had an address of a place where I could stay in a cold and tiny room for the first week or so and where daily rent almost equals one-day earnings in my previous job. Except for a few facebook contacts to people that my friends gave me, I didn’t know anyone in the whole country. I had ambitious expectations about finding a cool job in some creative agency and I didn’t fully realize what it means to have a monthly rainfall of 70mm. It means 1cm every three days. It means it rains more or less every day. 

Well, so far I’ve met people from two dozen countries and the vast majority of them were really cool. I work for a rotten businessman for a less-than-minimum wage. And I learned that you can enjoy a couple of sunny hours instead of waiting for a whole sunny day. 

Even though there were moments of little depressions, so far this little adventure gave me so much that I don't even know where to begin. Being anywhere 'new' on your own almost guarantees an adventure; being on your own in the most cosmopolitan and tolerant city in the whole of Europe is just amazing. So far, every day in here I got to see (do, learn, hear, taste,...) something new. And that feels really good.